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Matt Cheff.  3rd Generation Outfitter.

The Cheff outfitting business has grown for many years. It's one of the oldest outfitting families in Montana.  My grandparents Bud and Adelle Cheff founded this business back in 1932 and since passed onto my parents Mick and Karen Cheff.  Now I am starting into the third generation to continue on my grandfathers dream. I have worked for the family business my whole life and now looking forward to carry on the outdoor family tradition.

Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex was designated in 1964 by congress. Robert Bob Marshall was an american forester and wilderness activist that helped preserve this wilderness and is now named after him for his accomplishment. The Bob is located in Northwestern Montana on both sides of the continental divide and is well over 1.5 million acres of vast wilderness. This is one of the most completely preserved mountain ecosystems in the world. The kind of wilderness that is remote, breath taking, and adventurous. The Chinese wall and South Fork of the Flathead river are some of the attractions the Bob has to offer with rough, high rocky peaks, alpine lakes, delightful waterfalls, prettiest open meadows, sparkling and gentle translucent streams, towering lush coniferous forest and big river valleys. It's truly the best place to get lost in Montana.

Gordon Camp is located along the south fork of the Flathead River right in the heart of the wilderness.

Bob Marshall Wilderness Area became a natural wilderness in 1964.  It is the fifth largest wilderness in the lower 48 states. Mountain ranges are 4,000-9000 in altitude. The wilderness, which includes the North and South forks of the sun river and the middle and south fork of the Flathead River it runs along side the continental divide. The Chinese wall a part of divide highlights the bob's vast beauty.





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